The Wheel

There is something about August heat that is unlike the rest of summer; it’s not just the humid air or experiencing the continuous sun and heat of the season. We are at the crescendo of summer; we are entering the height of the energy just as it is about to be released. Like an orgasm of intensity and production, we are at the gathering point.

The August full moon, less than a week away, has been called, “the moon when all things ripen”. It has been called by many names, but all refer to the abundance experienced at this time of the year. Fish fill the waters, grain is nearly ready to be cut, and blueberries are at their peak for picking.

We are also at our peak. For many of us summer plans are beginning to turn toward thoughts of returning to fall schedules, or school, or putting up summer foods. It is hard to think of this in such hot summer weather, and yet the inevitable turn of the seasons is once again upon us.
For neo-pagans, as well as traditionalists, August 1 is an auspicious day and people prepared for Lammas (the festival of the wheat harvest) thinking about harvest and fall.

These are the days we will want to gather into ourselves and make harvest and hearth part of our meditations. The feeling of the sun on our skin, the smell of salt air, seeing the happy faces of those we love at outdoor gatherings; all of these we will want to bring into our storehouse of images. Like Frederick the mouse, we will want to have the all the brightest energies of this closing season stored up inside ourselves to recall and enjoy during the darker days of winter chill.

We are standing on the edge of reaping what we have sown, personally and globally. Even if things seem harsh, there is still time and abundance to claim the very best for the coming seasons. There are late plantings that can and will bring what is best in all of us.

Wishing you joy as we all begin to move with the momentum of the wheel.

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