Slouching Toward Nirvana

Recently, my son and I were asking if the hard and fast rules of meditation are really necessary. You know, erect posture, lotus legs, cushion on the floor. I conceded that I never found the realm of spirit particularly accessible to me under those conditions. It may work for some, and discipline means many things to many people, but I happily and without guilt eschew the mandates of “good” meditation procedure.

I am not saying these practices are wrong, they are just wrong me for me. For now. I reserve the right to change my mind. But I have had a constant conscious contact with a power greater than myself for more than 35 years. Actively. Honestly, without recognizing it, I was attuned to this practice of contact all of my life, and I have explored many paths in search of improving this connection.

When meditation first came into my life, and left fairly quickly, I did try to adhere to the prescribed methods. When
I found the instructions to be more on my mind than the sensations and presence of Source I abandoned them forthwith. I was not going to let myself endure the leaden feeling of my legs falling asleep and telling myself that this is part of the discipline of meditation to find God, any more than I was going to let the RC Church tell me what my personal behavior needed to be to have God, Source, love me.

And there’s the answer, it is always about Love. I am not interested in the debate of methodology as it does not appear to offer connection. I have no issue with people who want structure, even what might seem extreme structure, in their quest for clarity, peace, belonging. If it feels good to you, if it works for you do it. If that changes, if it no longer works or feels good then move on and find something that does.

So, I will slouch, I will sit with my feet up, I will gaze out the window as I ride the bus, I will look to nature, I will find Source in hanging laundry on the line, this is meditation for me. If the devil is in the details, surely god is in the mundane. The thing I do know, the more I engage in seeing myself, flaws and all, as part of god consciousness and therefore free of lack and full of love, I am meditating in the best possible way.


Just a brief note: a friend and client recently suggested to me that people may not want a full session or even a half session. She said that sometimes folks just have one issue, problem, concern, that they need some guidance on and that I should offer the option of having a one note reading. If you have one thing you need to look at you can contact me at and I will do my best to assist. We can connect via email, text, or phone, whatever is most effective for you. All I ask is that you offer a donation, which can be as large as you feel it is worth to you, it will be received with grace and gratitude.