Invitation to Wonder

I had been experiencing the feeling of being stuck, or at standstill, like the Eight of Swords in the Waite deck. The tide was out, I could not see.

Speaking to my friend Julie (teacher, healer, and all-around goddess) about my frustration, she suggested I work with the Virtue of Wonder.

The Virtues are qualities of excellence that require commitment to be of value. They do not yield to impulses or urges but are steadfast markers by which we navigate. For me, The Virtues refer to spiritual character building. They are doorways to Source.

After my conversation with Julie I sat in silence for ten minutes. Just breathing saying internally, “I wonder” with each inhalation. I heard “Invitation to Wonder”. Just sitting just breathing, it became a thought which I did not follow at the time. I just kept breathing.

Many years ago, when the tide was out but I was still drowning, I was directed to develop certain Virtues (there are many: honesty, acceptance, perseverance are a few) to stay clean and sober, that I might work on moral character building. Morality is the cornerstone of sobriety. Thankfully, the morality of recovery is determined by oneself. I was trying to establish a personal ethical platform on which to shape my resurrected self; a better way of living with Joy (another Virtue) as the destination.

We are all retrieving some part or parts of ourselves. It is all recovery.

Without the Virtues as guidelines, attaining inner serenity was difficult.  A path without humility (yet another Virtue) kept me stalled and would lead me back to addiction. I wanted to be free.

Wonder can be defined as, “rapt attention at something mysterious” I let go of old ideas and became willing to have the humility to say I don’t know, but I wonder.  I don’t know why this time the tide felt gone forever, I didn’t know where to focus.

Not knowing, with my heart compass set on imagination without limits I sit in the energy of Wonder. I am open, and I can do the “allowing” of co-creating.

Wonder is allowing, intention is summoning. I wonder and ideas, omens, signs begin to emerge. Riding the energy of these I summon whatever is required to move forward.

Do you want to manifest a love relationship, more money, do you want to live abundantly? There are many methods, and like those Roman roads, if you follow any of them, you will arrive at your destination. I propose this road, as I know it so well.  Follow Wonder and expect a miracle.

The tide is out, what mystery has it laid bare for you?