Co-creating With Death

For the last six months I have endured loneliness, scarcity, and loss.

I know, I know, it is up to me to raise my vibration to manifest my best life. I also know that before I entered this body I crafted this lifetime on earth to include challenges that would inform and fuel my love, my beliefs, my belonging.

This six months has been a gift of time to reflect and learn and rise.

While I have used the theory of raising vibration, and still believe in its value, I see now that this is where manifestation may begin but need not be where it stays.

Here’s the thing, after my mother died, that night, I received downloads that indicated clearly and intensely, joyfully, that we don’t manifest anything. It is already there. Yes, of course we have heard this and that raising our vibration brings it into existence. But…

…what if manifesting, bringing something into this arena of physical, through continuous focus on what feels good, what we desire, is unnecessary hard work?

Why not just go directly to non-physical? We can move back and forth. We do it in our dreams, surely. You don’t need to be a channel. You are the channel, you carry it with you. It is death.

Being with the power of death makes life possible. Death is not the period at the end of the sentence. Death, in spiritual terms, is not the opposite of life. They are intimately linked; for our benefit.

Carlos Castaneda wrote that death is an ally, a teacher that brings power to those who fully accept this relationship. Living with your death as abundantly as you attempt to live your life will expand your ability to access what you constructed before your return to earth.

We came here to magnify love. To increase the universe. Focusing merely on politics, economics, or dogma, is not going to amplify life. Using the physical body, the heart and brain in perfect symbiosis, living inside and outside the veil simultaneously and at will, we can accomplish the conscious creation we seek.

Paraphrasing Shakespeare, we can call nothing our own but our death; if it is indeed our own, then let us have the whole of life.

In calling for the fullness, the completeness of our birthright of peace, wisdom, plenty, and love, we must not leave our ally death out. I intend to live my birthright by consciously living with death as an advisor and guide.
Live with this profound teacher is what I say to myself. Open all the doors and windows, go where the light begins and bring forth your inheritance.

“I’m the one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.”
~ Jimi Hendricks