About Laura

Finding a spiritual mentor can be daunting. We tend to expect such relationships to arise organically and when they don’t, we are often lost as to how to find such guidance. I have been an occult/spiritual practitioner for more than 40 years. I work with people who have questions about their life path, offering guidance and support so that they can create happier, more abundant lives. I have also used my abilities to help those in recovery—people with HIV/AIDS, at-risk youth, and other populations in crisis.

Hearth and Home

We all want to bring more practical magick into our daily lives. I will teach you how to clear and bless your home or work space using oils, incense, holy smokes, and candles. Altars are essential for keeping our homes in the flow of abundant and protective energy. I can assist you in creating altars that work.

Psychic Reading

Most of us would like some guidance to find the best way to an abundant life. My readings give you a broad look at where you are, who or what is aiding your journey, and what you can do to live your best life.


Being able to connect with Spirit is a gift; I do not use it lightly. Often energies will come through during a reading/session. I do not call on Spirit, but trust them to make first contact. I will often use photographs and, when possible, actual items that belonged to those who have transitioned to connect more clearly.

Vibrational Coach

Being a coach means that I not only support your journey, but I offer you specific courses of study to enhance your own natural abilities. This is where you can grow your intuitions and personal magick.

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