Sixth sense. Second sight. Every sixth second something appears, something happens. Something is felt, something is seen. Being able to feel what’s coming, seeing what’s really inside you—inspiring you to live in that deeper knowing and living it every day. This the essence of SixthSecond—what it can deliver to you, what it can bring out in you, what you can give to yourself and to the world around you. learn more »

Let me guide you. Ask those questions you need to know to move forward in love, life and career. I use tarot as part of my toolkit, as I use crystals, etc., my focus, my ability, comes from Source guidance. Meditation before each session helps me receive information for the highest good of each person I serve. Some call it channeling. Whatever we call it, my strength, my goal, is to illuminate what needs clarification, encourage where support is needed, and uplift the energy of every person I connect with. Sign up for a session so we can start you on the journey to a more fulfilling life. Fees are: full session $125; half session $75.

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